The Pen Symposium 2019: Cultural Legacy

  • April 23, 2019 SCHS PAC from 6-9pm

     Keynote Speaker: TBD

    How should societies respond to wrongdoing? When a crime occurs or an injustice is done, what needs to happen? What does Justice require?

    The Pen Symposium seeks to respond and dialogue with these questions and many more. AP Language and Composition and English III students  work, researching, responding, writing, and interviewing to add their voices to the ongoing Restorative Justice initiative at Summer Creek High School. Students applying their analysis, synthesis, and argumentation skills to answer these essential questions:

    Who are the most powerful voices of restorative justice? How can we learn from them, and add our own voices to the conversation in meaningful ways?

    Through the symposium, students will become essayists by composing a battery of research essays and eventually share their findings in a 3-minute TED style Talk or SLAM poem on Symposium evening. Each presentation should somehow seek to improve student morale and peer-to-peer conflict management through a concrete practical application of restorative justice at Summer Creek High School. By the end of the Symposium, students will have been assessed by a group of peers, teachers, and administration. The top ten esayists and presenters will be selected to help lead a student-led/teacher facilitated restorative justice initiative at Summer Creek High School as well as become eligible for future grant and scholarship opportunities.*