IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS: Required Immunizations All students must be immunized in accordance with state law to enroll in Texas public schools. Vaccines are available from doctors' offices, the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services Department, 281-446-4222, or the Houston Department of Health and Human Services, 713-794-9320.  
    Requirements can be found at www.dshs.state.tx.us or on the district website noted at the top of this page. 
    Disclaimer: The requirements do change now and then. We are notified verbally of the changes to begin the school year, but changes are not in print on the state website until after September 1st. 
    Affidavits regarding varicella are available at www.humbleisd.net for students that have had the varicella illness and do not require immunization. (Go to Helpful Links and Information to print the varicella proof form.)
    Harris Health System’s Troubleshooters Program is offering free vaccines for children two months to 18 years. To receive immunizations, a parent must be present with the child’s shot record.  Please see website information below:
    Troubleshooters Immunization Program

    We love kids. Helping them stay healthy is what Harris Health System's TroubleShooters Immunization Program is all about. The program is an effort to increase the percentage of children who are fully immunized in Harris County by providing immunizations in non-traditional settings (for example, daycare centers, Medicaid offices, pre-schools, public events, etc.).

    TroubleShooters helps reduce the potential of childhood disease outbreaks like measles, educates parents about the importance of sibling immunization, and reduces potential inpatient costs for sick children. Children's shot records are reviewed and parental consent is obtained prior to immunizations. Harris Health nurses follow-up, as needed, with additional immunizations. Children who are identified with a health problem are referred to one of our community health centers for a physician visit.

    For more information about TroubleShooters, call 713-873-TOTS (713-873-8687), https://www.harrishealth.org/en/news/pages/upcomingevents.aspx

    MEDICAL EXEMPTIONS: a written statement by the physician is required to be submitted to the school annually.
    Parents/guardians choosing an exemption for reasons of conscience, including a religious belief, should visit www.ImmunizeTexas.com for instructions.