• Front Office Policies


    We appreciate your cooperation and understanding our policies, as we all want the best learning and safest environment for our children.

    Checking Out Early
    We understand that sometimes appointments are made at the end of the school day and you will need to check out your student. To reduce the number of disruptions during the final part of the day when teachers are winding up a lesson and giving instructions for homework, we ask that you not check out your child after 3:00 p.m.
    Changes in Dismissal
    If your student is to return home by means other than their usual mode of transportation, the teacher must receive written and signed instructions from the parent or guardian.
    Your child will not be allowed to change their mode of transportation unless a written notice is received BEFORE 2:45 p.m. It is also a good idea to copy the front office (Laura.Roberts@humbleisd.net) in case a substitute does not have access to email.  The front office will not take phone calls to change dismissal.
    Item Delivery
    If you need an item delivered to your student, label it with your child's and teacher's names and place it on the bookshelf inside of the front office. Items are delivered by Safety Patrol at 10:00 am.  After that time,  you mail email your child's teacher so they may retrieve at teacher's discretion.