• Timberwood Middle School will issue the first ID badge and lanyard to each student.  This badge is the property of TMS and may not be damaged or altered in any way.  IDs must be worn at all times on school property.  This badge will be used for identification, lunch purchases, library book check out, and tardies.  Lost or damaged ID badges must be replaced at the student's expense.
    Students must wear their ID badge around their neck with a lanyard while on school grounds.
    The ID badge is not to have any stickers, pins, drawings or be defaced in any way.
    A replacement fee of $3.00 will be charged for the purchase of a new ID badge.
    A daily temporary badge must be purchased for $1.00 until a permanent ID badge is purchased.
    Outstanding fines will cause students to be ineligible to attend school dances and other afterschool activities.
    Fines may be paid, with cash, at the ID table in the mornings or with a debit or credit card online.
    Students in violation of this policy will receive a discipline consequence in accordance to the insubordination violation section.