Christian Student Union (CSU)



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What We Believe


    Our purpose is to fellowship together, to grow in faith with one another, to incorporate Christ into our everyday lives, and to learn more about Jesus while still having a good time.


    Melyssa Burke

    Club Officers:

    President: Daniel Winter

    Vice President: Luz Alonso

    Secretary : Daisy Robles

    Advertising Manager: Evelynn Morales

    Christian Student Union Bylaws

    Last Modified:

    January 11, 2018

    Article I - Name:

    Section 1: The name of this organization shall be the Christian Student Union also known as CSU.

    Article II - Purpose:

    Section 1:To meet and encourage anyone who believes in Jesus Christ as the Son of God through group study, worship or fun activities.

    Section 2: To welcome any person who is interested in knowing about Christianity in general.

    Article III - Membership:

    Section 1: Any student or facilitator at Quest Early College High School can be a member of CSU.  There are no religious belief requirements. Also there is no attendence requirements. We welcome anyone at any time.

    Article IV - Meetings:

    Section 1: Meetings will be held during flex on Tuesdays at Quest Early College High School in Mrs.Burkes room. 

    Section 2: The meeting's content will change every week, other than each meeting beginning with prayer, the schedule fluctuates regularly. 

    Article V - Fees and Assessments

    Section 1: There is not a fee required to be a member of this club. Everyone is welcome free of charge.

    Article VI - Officers and Their Duties:

    Section 1: The officers will be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and advertising manager. Any member of the club is able to run for these positions. These positions are to be elected annually in April of the Spring semester. These will be based on a majority vote, and a tie-breaker vote may need to take place. New officers shall assume their duties at the start of the following school year.

    Section 2: The officers will only be able to miss 5 meetings per year un-excused. The President and fellow officers decide if the person is excused or not. In the case that the president is unable to attend, the Vice-President will lead the discussion on if his/her abscense is excused or not.

    Section 3: Duties of Officers:

    Officer’s major responsibilities are listed below. Specific officer job descriptions will be maintained by the President.


    The President shall lead the club, organize meeting dates along with his/her fellow officers and special events with the cooperation of Ms. Horton and the club sponsor, organize officer meetings, represent the club in any meetings with other clubs (with other officers or members if needed), and set an example for the members of the club

    Vice President:

    The Vice-President acts as the President when the President is absent or not able to fulfill the duties of the office for an extended period.  The Vice President also performs other duties at the request of the President.


    The secretary will manage attendance sheets, take notes if need be, and perform other duties at the request of the president

    Advertising Manager:

    The advertising manager will lead operations regarding all advertising, physical and technological, around the school and on social media, while also completing any other task at the request of the president.