Middle School Solos are usually the white ribbon.

Solo And Ensemble Contest

  • Solo & Ensemble Contest

    Friday, April 26th  @ HMS Choir Room. Students will be given an appointment for their time to sing. Appointment times are every 6 minutes after school on Friday,


    What: All students will learn and perform a classical solo, as an individual summative project, whether or not they participate in the Contest. Their class time to sing will be the week of April 29th - May 3rd.

    This is also an optional competition for 6th, 7th and 8th grade choir students only. Students who participate can sing a solo while being accompanied either by a live pianist or with an accompaniment CD. Students may also sing in an ensemble (small group). (The ensemble is not instead of a solo, it is something extra.) Each student who sings for a judge will receive both a rating and comments. The highest rating is a 1 (one) and the lowest rating is a V (five). Students will be preparing for this competition during class and as homework with their practice CD. Most of our practice tracks are also available on our Choir Website. Students who choose to pay the fee for an accompanist will also have practices for the competition during class. Students who receive a ‘I’ from a judge will receive a medal!


    Who: 6th, 7th, & 8th grade choir students. 


     When: Friday, April 26th (2pm – 6pm) We will know the exact times closer to the date of the event. Please look at your calendar carefully so students will not have any conflicts. Students who sing on Friday, April 26th, may ride a shuttle bus home at 4 pm. (*Shuttle bus time has been confirmed to be scheduled for 4pm.) 

    Where: Humble Middle School. Students need to be at HMS 900 hall, about 15-30 min ahead of their assigned time.


    Money: Humble ISD is paying the entry fee for the students. So, it is free!


    Eligibility: If passing (70 or above) all of their classes on their 3rd Report Card, they are eligible to compete.


    What To Wear: Students should wear 'Sunday Best' dress clothes if possible. Dresses or dress slacks are fine.


    Why: This is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience singing a solo and in a positive environment. The judges at this competition always give wonderful comments and are very good with students. The solos that the students will be singing are leading toward the type of songs that students use to audition for music scholarships in college.


    How To Enter: Please turn in your signed Entry Form to Ms. Reyna. Your entry form will assure that you get the appointment time you prefer.  Ms. Reyna has already provided you with Sheet Music and a Practice CD for each student to practice at home.  The "Solo & Ensemble Entry Form" can be found on the Choir Document Page.




    As always, if you have any questions, please contact me at 281-641-4029 or by email at <carla.reyna@humbleisd.net>.

                                                ~Ms. Reyna