International Baccalaureate Organization's Diploma Program

  • The International Baccalaureate Organization’s Diploma Program was created in 1968. It is a demanding pre-university course of study that leads to examinations and is recognized by elite universities around the world as an excellent preparatory curriculum. The IB Diploma Program is designed for highly motivated secondary school students and is currently found in over 1788 schools in more than 131 nations worldwide. The program is based on the pattern of no single country but incorporates the best elements of several. Over the last several years, The IB Diploma Program has become the program of choice for High Schools in the United States seeking to offer a world class college preparatory curriculum. Humble High School became an IB authorized school in 2007 and is currently one of 46 IB authorized High Schools in Texas. The IB Learner Profile

    The IB learner profile is the IB mission statement translated into a set of learning outcomes for the 21st century. The learner profile provides a long-term vision of education. It is a set of ideals that can inspire, motivate and focus the work of schools and teachers, uniting them in a common purpose. Click here to read about the IB Learner Profile Characteristics.

    University Success

    88% of Diploma Program graduates achieve a bachelor's degree within six years of entering university, compared with 58% of all students. -Source: US Census, National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), National Student Clearing House.

    With a grade point average of 3.11, IB graduates score 5% higher than their non-IB peers after their first year at a university. -Source: University of California

    Unique Characteristics

    In addition to the traditional strengths of a liberal arts curriculum, the IB Diploma Program offers special features to ensure that the student becomes a truly well rounded scholar. Special features of the program include: externally moderated course work and examinations in 6 academic disciplines, the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) seminar, the Extended Essay, and the Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) requirements. Select Why Choose IB? to learn more.  Still not convinced? Scroll through the presentation below to understand the value of an IB diploma.

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