• For Transcripts-
    Current Students:  Click here
    Alumni Students: Click here

    Electronic Transcripts:

    Transcripts for State of Texas schools can be transferred electronically at no cost.

    Selected private universities within Texas also have this option (Baylor, for example)


    Paper transcripts:

    You will receive 1 free paper transcript, subsequent official paper transcripts are $2 each.

    You must provide the Registrar with the address where the transcript will be sent.

    On the Senior Checkout List, given to seniors in the days prior to graduation, college bound seniors will indicate where their FINAL transcript will be sent.


    Students who have taken LONESTAR DUAL CREDIT must also send their Lonestar transcript to the college they will be attending.

    Follow these directions:

    To request an Official Transcript - Cost: $9 per transcript

    -              Go to www.lonestar.edu

    -              Log on to your myLonestar account

    -              Click on the ‘Request My Transcript’ link on the far right side of the page, midway down the right column

    -              Click the ‘Order A Transcript Now’ button and fill in the required information

    -              If your school is not listed, choose the  “my school is not on the list” and fill in the school information, including the physical address and your transcript should be mailed directly to the school

    If you cannot access your myLonestar account follow these steps:

    -              Go to www.getmytranscript.com

    -              Select your school and click ‘Submit’

    -              Click the ‘Order-Track-Verify’ button on the top right-hand side of the page and fill in

     the required information

    If you have issues ordering your transcript unrelated to a hold or balance contact:


    703-742-4200 M-Th 9am-7pm, F: 9am-5pm


    Students who have take ON RAMPS DUAL CREDIT must also send their U. Texas transcript to the college they will be attending.


    Students who earn and accept college credit in an OnRamps course may request a transcript from UT Austin's Office of the Registrar, Transcript Services and have it sent to their chosen higher education institution. Students will not automatically receive a transcript.

    Students must wait until the final course grade is recorded with the Office of the Registrar before ordering a transcript. Students may use the Registrar's See My Grades application to confirm their course grade is posted to their UT Austin transcript.

    OnRamps students may use the online transcript ordering system for the three years following the end of their course. While transcripts can be requested electronically during this time period, they cannot be sent electronically to the receiving institution, so it is necessary to complete the 3rd Party Mailing Address section of the form.

    OnRamps students who are unable to order online may complete the transcript order form and email it to transcripts@austin.utexas.edu; or fax it to 512-475-7681. The Registrar charges $20 for each transcript requested.

    For additional information about how to order a UT Austin transcript, visit the Office of the Registrar's website.

    Transcripts will not be available for courses in progress, courses that were dropped, or courses for which the student elected not to claim credit. If you need a letter from OnRamps to verify enrollment or non-attendance at UT Austin, please complete the OnRamps Letter Request Form.