• Homework Policy:

    • Homework is a review and practice of prior learning.
    • Students should be able to do homework independently of parents.
    • Homework is not used for grades (since it is a practice).
    • Always contact your child's teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

    The Purposes of Homework:

    • Builds positive work habits
    • Allows for practice of critical academic skills
    • Reinforces strategies and learning from the classroom
    • Builds student confidence
    • Can help students see where they have misunderstandings can help teachers see where students have misunderstandings

    Late Work Policy:

    Assignments and tests must be completed and turned in on the assigned date in order to receive full credit.  In an effort for the student's work to reflect mastery of the content presented in the assignment, no more than 10 points total should be deducted for late work.