• School Visitors

    Parents are always welcome to visit schools. State law requires that all visitors register in the attendance or front

    office immediately after they come to campus. This procedure is the best method for locating your child as well as

    ensuring the best protection for your child. A visitor’s pass is necessary for visiting all areas of the school. (All

    visitors will be required to present a drivers license that will be scanned through the Department of Public Safety’s

    identification system.)

    In order to avoid unnecessary classroom interruptions, parents must make prior arrangements with the school

    administrator when desiring to observe their child’s classroom. No visitors are allowed during standardized testing

    or during formal classroom observations being conducted by the campus administrator. The campus administrator

    may deny a parent access to their child’s classroom if the visit results in or would likely cause a substantial

    disruption to the educational process or would jeopardize student confidentiality.


    Any person loitering upon school property after being warned to leave by the person in charge shall be guilty

    of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined not less than $25 nor more than $200. School property for

    the purpose of this act shall include the grounds of any public school and any grounds or building used for

    school-sponsored assemblies or for activities.” General provisions of the Texas Education Code Section 4.23,

    Amended by Acts 1979, 62

    nd Leg. PI 706, Ch. 71, S1, eff. 4/26/71.