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    High school can be a confusing time for parents and students.  There are a number of tests at the high school level that students are required to take and other tests that students will want to take to prepare for college or career after high school. 



    In order to graduate in Texas, in addition to taking and passing required courses, students must also demonstrate mastery of content knowledge by taking state assessments known as the STAAR EOC's.  There are five required tests, English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology, and US History that must be taken and passed.  These exams are to be taken after the course work is completed and are offered 3 different times during the year...December, April/May, and Summer.  Students may continue to take the exams until earning a passing score.  Prior to 2012, students were required to take and pass the TAKS state assessments which are still being offered today for those students who graduated prior to the implementation of STAAR.  For more information on either of these tests, click on the link to the left.  


    Humble ISD is committed to preparing students for the opportunity to attend college.  To this end, students will take theCollege Board's PSAT/NMSQT test during 10th grade to assist them in determining their readiness for college.  This test gives students  a baseline of their education and areas where improvement is needed.  After taking the assessment, College Board also provides tools that the student can access to help improve their score.  For the first time, in 2016, students in 9th grade will also take the PSAT.  For students who score well, it is recommended that they take the PSAT/NMSQT test again during their 11th grade and 12th grade years to be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship or the National Hispanic Recognition program.  Students who score well through these test offerings open multitude of opportunities for scholarships.  Students who elect to the take the exam as a Junior or Senior will need to register for the exam and pay a nominal fee.  See the link to the left for more details.


    Students at Humble High School are offered college level classes in preparing them to take assessments that can earn them college credit.  AP (Advance Placement) courses are offered in Economics, Statistics, US History, World History, English Language, English Literature, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, Physics, Calculus, and Music Theory.  The assessments are offered in May and are pricey.  However, Humble ISD provides scholarships to those students in need, greatly reducing the cost, and making college credit affordable to those who are prepared.  Students who take the exams need to score a 3 (on a scale of 1 to 5) or higher in order to earn college credit.  The "AP" link to the left provides further information on the subject and also provides information on when the scholarship program is available and how to register.


    For those students who desire to attend college, it is important to take college admissions exams.  There are two different exams, the SAT and the ACT.  Many colleges accept either exam and it is up to the student to see the college admissions policy to see which exam is accepted and the passing score norm.  It is suggested that students begin taking the exams during their Junior year and again during their Senior year.  The tests can be taken multiple times with schools seeing your "BEST" score.  The tests can be expensive, but scholarships are offered to students in need to offset the cost.  To see more information on these college admission tests, click on the appropriate link to the left.


    Dreams can come true if you plan and work toward a goal.  Humble High School is committed to helping their students meet their educational goals...whatever that goal is!




    If you have any questions about testing, please contact Mrs. Arceneaux.
    Lakeasha Arceneaux
    Campus Testing Coordinator
    Office: 1201 (under the 1200 hallway stairwell)
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