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    Contest Preparation Tools

    One of the best ways to prepare for competition is to attend invitational practice meets.  Hosting schools often post their meets on the UIL Academic website.

    Prior year contest materials provide great practice.  Contest materials from the most recent prior year are only available directly from the UIL state office through the UIL Study Packet.  Click here 2014 and older student material packets.


    All other prior year contest materials are available free from this website using the Archived Exams link on the side menu.


    Practice Penmanship!

    The number one reason contestants receive a lower score than they anticipated is when points are lost because an answer is not legible.  If graders can't read your writing, they practice making an "x" on your answer sheet.

    So as a part of your practice and contest preparation, focus on writing/printing your answers clearly and consistently.  Let your score truly reflect your knowledge and preparation.


    Who Is Your Competition?

    Well, of course, your first answer should be "myself."  You want to continue to improve and beat your last score.
    Invitational Meet - Humble High School & Best of Texas
    District is March 30, 2019  Kingwood High School
    Regional Meet April ??
    2010Academic State Meet - May ??? to be held on the University of Texas at Austin campus.