STAAR Spanish Grades 3-5


    STAAR Spanish Grades 3-5 is available for students in grades 3-5 for whom a Spanish version of STAAR most appropriately measures their academic progress.  It is not permitted for an ELL whose parent or guardian has declined bilingual/ESL program services.  Linguistic accommodations are not permitted on the test because students are testing in their native language.  
    STAAR Spanish, in addition to being appropriate for students in bilingual programs who are receiving most of their academic instruction in Spanish, may sometimes be appropriate for an ELL in an ESL program. 

    • a Spanish speaker who has recently moved to the U.S.
    • an ELL who recently moved from a campus with a Spanish bilingual education program to a campus with only an ESL program
    • a student in an ESL program who receives substantial academic support in Spanish