• We are often asked why there isn't a Homecoming Street Parade:
    When Kingwood was smaller, there was an annual Homecoming Parade.  Now that the area has built up, been annexed by the City of Houston, and there are two high schools, it isn't such an easy thing to do. 
    For a truly successful parade that lasts more than five minutes and justifies blocking of the major road/intersection in Kingwood, both high schools need to participate.
    Scheduling is THE major issue. Trying to find a Saturday that is good for both football teams, avoiding the dances, avoiding SAT and ACT tests, avoiding marching band contests, etc., is very difficult.  All of the youth football, baseball, softball, and soccer games are often on Saturday mornings, so they can't participate.
    Then, add in the City of Houston requirements:  parade permits, liability insurance ($1K to $2K), scheduling of extra police officers, arranging for barricades and barrels, etc.
    You can begin to see the difficulty of putting on an old-fashioned, Homecoming Parade.
    Please don't compare the Homecoming parade to the 4th of July parade.  That's a national holiday and businesses are closed.  There are no athletic events, college testing, school dances, marching band competitions, etc., on the 4th of July. 
    ***We now do the "red wagon parade" in the gym.