• Upload PDFs to your Website

    PDF is a file type that can be used on most any device - Apple or Android. While an iPad or iPhone may be able to open a .doc file, and Android device probably can not. So, when posting handouts, worksheets, and even PowerPoints to your website, remember to save them as a PDF first and then post to your website so that all students can access your documents on whatever device they may be using at the time.
    It takes about 3 extra clicks.
    To Save a Word Document or PowerPoint as a PDF file, open the document. Click File: Save As.  Change the File Type (Under File Name) to PDF. Click the drop down to select. Check your file name. Click Save.
    Save as PDF
    All district computers with Office 2010 can save as a PDF file. If you are creating and saving a document at home with an older version of Microsoft Office, you can use Cute PDF Writer for free! (download here: http://www.cutepdf.com/products/cutepdf/writer.asp )
    Still only 4 or 5 clicks!
    To save a Word Document or a PowerPoint as a PDF file on an older version of Microsoft Office, open the document. Click File: Print. Select Cute PDF Writer as the "printer". Click Print. Then you will get a Save As window where you can choose the location to save your document as well as name your document. You will notice that the file type says.... .pdf. That's it!
    Cute PDF Writer
    *** Any students not able to view a .pdf file on their device may need to download a free Adobe Reader App.