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     Learning Letters and Sounds
    Here are some suggestions for learning letters and sounds. 
    -Name the upper case letters and put them in ABC order.
    -Introduce the lower case letters and put them in ABC order.
    -Match the upper case and lower case letters.
    -Mix up the upper case letters and ask the name of the letter and what
    sound it makes.
    -Have them match picture cards with the correct upper and lower case
    -Play Memory with upper and lower case letters.
    Learning Sight Words
    Once your child has mastered letters and sounds, it is time to start
    working on sight words.  Sight words are words that 
    cannot be sounded out.  Your child needs a solid foundation of sight
    words in order to become a confident reader.
    Here is a suggestion to help your child learn sight words.
    -You can use the flashcards provided by the teacher.  Show each card
    to your child.  Place the ones he/she can read
    without assistance into one pile.  Place the others in another pile. 
    Review the words your child knows daily.  Add a few
    cards each day.  Once your child can recognize the word instantly, then
    he/she has mastered the word.
    Listed are the required sight words for Kindergarten:
    a, I, at, it, look, like, see, the, is, my, come, go, up, here,
    we, in, on, am, to, me, and
    Learning to Read
    Learning to read is one of the most exciting things your child will do
    this year!!  Guided Reading books will be sent home 
    weekly to reinforce what we have learned at school.  In order for you
    to help your child with these books, here are some 
    strategies to help your child become an independent reader.
    1. Reread- when you come to a word you don't know start over.
    2. Look at the pictures.
    3. Point at the words and look at the first letter.
    By using these strategies, your child will begin to build
    confidence, and learn to enjoy the love of reading!!