• Counselor Peck

     Personal responsibility:  parent resources

    A person’s tendency to be careful and reliable in his/her actions and to contribute to group efforts.

    This quarter, your child is learning various ways to improve their skills in Personal Responsibility so that he or she can learn to be careful and reliable in their actions. As with any skill, mastery takes regular, intentional practice. Fortunately, the more confident and competent a young person becomes with the skills, the more “portable” the skills will be. This means that these same skills will be more readily available down the road, in other situations, when your child encounters challenging social or work situations.

    • Allow your kids to be part of the decision making process when setting limits for themselves. Let them negotiate a time for curfew and discuss the consequences of not meeting that goal. Allow them to be personally responsible for the outcome they decided on with you.
    • Provide the opportunity for your kids to be a productive member of your household. Let them be personally responsible for their own laundry, cleaning their rooms, making lunches, cleaning restrooms, etc.

    • Have a family meeting lining out what all is going on in out house this week. Assign tasks to all your family members (including the kids) allowing them to take personal responsibility to get it all done as a family.

    Need to pack for an event? Collaborate with your child about what they need for an upcoming event. Make a list and then leave them to pack.  They will become personally responsible for what they pack, allowing them to place value on what’s truly important to them.  —Mrs. Peck , Counselor