• Grading Policies


    District Grading Standards

    Summative/Formative Grade Weights




    Content Area



    Pre AP


    Dual Credit












    Social Studies





    Exception:  Spanish IV 70/30


    All Other Areas Not Listed




    Grading Scale


    Formative Assignments

    Summative Assignments

    1 day late = 20 points off maximum score

    2 days late = 40 points off maximum score

    3 days late = 60 points off maximum score

    4 days late = 80 points off maximum score

    5 days late = 0  points; no score possible


    1)  20 point deduction per day late

    2)  If student makes up assignment at end of grading period, maximum possible points are 50.





    Main Concepts

    • All homework must be relevant and timely
    • Expectations must be clear for both students and parents
      • Communication with parents and students explaining expectations for homework and grading policy regarding late work. 
    • Differentiation may be appropriate by department, team and even individual student


    Possible Practices

    • Homework Type should be identified and communicated for all assignments. 

    This will go a long way in establishing relevance.

      • Memorization: vocabulary, order/steps in a process, notations, etc
      • Skill Practice: math homework, sentence diagramming, reading summarization, etc
      • Expansion: original essay, multi-step/higher level math problems, etc
      • Preparation: reading, research, project preparation, Cornell Notes on reading assignment, etc
    • Utilize various methods of assessment for homework other than “collect and grade”
      • Class discussion, quiz, written summary, etc
    • Provide timely feedback


    Drop Policy

    Students who are enrolled in a Pre AP or AP course will only be allowed to drop to the level course at the end of the 4th week of school, the end of the 9 week grading period and when the semester ends. For 2014-2015, the dates are September 12 and October 3.


    Pass/Fail Credit Courses High School

    A student may take a total of four 1-year courses (8 semesters) for pass/fail. This option is available for any course above and beyond graduation requirements. Any course taken on a Pass/Fail basis will not be included in a student’s grade point average (GPA) determination.

    The Deadline to turn in Pass/Fail forms for fall is November 7th and TBD for spring.  Students may pick up forms in their counselor’s office.



    Cheating on an assignment or test will result in a zero being recorded for that assignment or test.  In addition, cheating is considered a level 2 conduct violation and is subject to additional disciplinary measures as discussed in the Student Code of Conduct.



    Students in Level and PreAP* courses will be allowed to reassess ONE summative assignment per 9 week grading period, per subject, in which they have earned less than a 70% on the assignment. The student must SCHEDULE the reassessment within one calendar week from the date in which the original graded assessment is returned. 


    It is up to the teacher and the student to determine the best manner and the most appropriate time to reassess. The reassessment does not have to take place within the calendar week but must be SCHEDULED within the week. Teachers will keep track of their own reassessments.


    *Reassessment is not available in Advanced Placement courses or in ANY course in which Dual Credit is being offered.


    Make-Up Work

    Students are expected to make up work missed while they were absent. They will be given full credit for work done that satisfies the conditions of the district policy for make-up work. Immediately upon returning to school, the student must contact teachers concerning arrangements for making up work. A zero will be given for work that has been required by the teacher and has not met the guidelines for make-up work. After a student has been absent for three days, the parent/guardian may request make-up work through the appropriate office designated by the campus.


    When an absence occurs, it is the student’s responsibility to inquire about, complete, and return all required assignments.


    Students should expect to do more paperwork than those who were in attendance because it is necessary to make up for classroom experiences missed. The following is offered as a timeline for make-up work.

    1 day absence - day following return to school

    2 day absence - 2 days after return to school

    3 day absence - 3 days after return to school

    4 day absence - 4 days after return to school

    5 day absence - 5 days after return to school

    Students absent more than five (5) days must make arrangements with their teachers for making up the work missed within one week (5 school days) after their return to school. Late work guidelines also apply to make-up work.

    When in-school suspension or discipline program assignments have been given a predetermined date, no extra days are given for make-up work. If students are absent on a predetermined due date, the material is due the day the student returns to school.


    Kingwood High School teachers are encouraged to work with students and use professional judgment when students have extenuating circumstances that inhibit assignment completion.