ID Badge Expectations
    All Humble ISD secondary students will be required to wear photo ID badges.  These badges will help us with student safety and security.  Visible photo identification will help each campus assure that everyone in the building is supposed to be on that campus, both students and staff.  In addition, the ID badges can be used in the cafeteria, library, with textbooks, and more.  The badges were created during back-to-school camps.  These badges will be worn so that they are visible, preferably on a lanyard.  There is no cost to students for the original ID badge, but should a student lose or damage his/her badge, there will be a replacement fee.
    Replacement Fees
    $1 - Lanyards
    $1 - Temporary ID Badge
    $5 - ID Badge

    Temporary ID Badges
    If a student reports to school without an ID Badge, they should proceed to their house assistant for a temporary badge.   Students will be charged $1 for a temporary.  If the student takes care of this before the first class of the day, they will not receive an infraction.  However, if they wait to take care of this at any time after that first tardy bell, they will be charged an infraction (infractions are tardies, dress code violations, and ID badges).  On the second infraction, students begin receiving consequences.