Mrs. Nettles

Phone: 281-641-1389


Degrees and Certifications:

BBA in Business AC in Education

Mrs. Nettles

  I have been in education for the past nine years, and am a proud graduate of Sam Houston State University. This is my third year outside of the classroom and I am excited to be working with small groups and assisting in closing the gaps as an Interventionist. I am blessed to be a teacher, and have been fortunate to have wonderful students year after year, that leave me: older, wiser, smarter and filled with a drive to be better every day. My hope is that this trend never ends. :) 
  I tell my students all the time, I was not a huge fan of school. When they ask why? My response is," I don't remember having teachers who really made learning fun. I want to show you all how much fun learning can be, how exciting these lessons can get, and with eagerness on your part and a lot of excitement on mine we will make these lessons come to life. Y'all will learn this about me, it won't always be easy, but perserverence is key, and that can impact your entire future. So lets learn how to get back up everytime we fall, because it will happen. 
  I believe that one person can change the world, and in our little world, maybe it starts with you. So when we walk into this room, let's give it everything we have, because who knows where we might end up, if we give it our all." I'm excited for the newest group to our Nettles' Family, because here, WE ARE FAMILY!
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