• Discipline

    We have a name chart that is kept on a clipboard.  This clipboard is taken everywhere the students go, such as classroom, restrooms, recess and cafeteria.  Just as students can earn stars by their name, they can also earn "marks" by their name.
    "Marks" may include: 
    off task
    attentive listening
    talking out of turn
    not following directions
    mutual respect
    out of seat... 
    Individual- Students can earn stars by their name for various behaviors throughout the day. Each child has a personal marble jar chart that gets stamped daily according to how many stars are earned.
    Group- Each table can earn table points. When a table get 5 points they all get to pick something from the treasure box.
    Whole Class- As a class, studetns can earn marbles on a poster sized marble jar.  When the jar is filled we take a class vote on what the reward will be.
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