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    The school health services provided at Willow Creek Elementary and Humble ISD are designed to ensure access to and appropriate use of primary health care services, prevent and control communicable disease, provide emergency care for injury or sudden illness, and promote and provide learning opportunities which are conducive to the maintenance and promotion of good health. Willow Creek is staffed with a Registered Nurse responsible for ensuring that appropriate health services are available to all students including compliance with immunization requirements and procedures for dispensing medications. If you should have any questions, you may refer to your Humble ISD Elementary School Handbook or contact the school nurse at 281-641-2305.



    Medication must be kept in the clinic at all times. No stock medications are kept in clinic. Parents must provide all equipment and medications. All medication, prescription or non-prescription, must be in the original labeled container. This includes cough drops. Medication to be given more than (10) days, any medication given on an as needed basis more than (4) times in a month, and emergency medications, such as Epinephrine and rescue inhalers/ nebulizers, all require a physician’s statement with their signature. A medication permission form must be completed for any medication given at school. This form can be accessed via the WCE clinic web page under the district Medical Services link. All medications must be brought to the clinic by the parent.  A parent, guardian, or an adult must pick up any unused medication. No medications will be sent home with students. Please refer to the Humble ISD Parent/Student Handbook for specific rules and guidelines for administration of student medications. For questions, please contact the school nurse at 281-641-2305.