• Reading Questions

    Wait! Don't just close the book when your child is finished reading.
    Your child is reading when he or she can tell you about what they just read. Comprehension is key! Here are some questions to guide you at home.
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  • Phonics Reference

    Attached you will find phonics reading rules and sounds. You will find this information helpful when reading with your child at home. Please make flashcards of these sounds. Reviewing them frequently will aid your child in decoding difficult and unfamiliar words.

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  • Letter Flashcards

    Can your child name each letter, the sound of the letter, and a word that starts with that letter?
    When these three tasks become very simple for your child, please change the focus to writing each letter.  A first grader should be able to write the letter when the name of the letter is given to them, and write the letter when the sound of the letter is given to them. Letters are the foundation of reading.  If a child struggles with letters and letter sounds, reading and writing can be a struggle. 
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