• Wow! First graders are expected to make tremendous progress in reading. (see chart below)  We will be working VERY hard, once school starts, to meet these end of year expectations. I will also send resources home throughout the year to help you work with your child at home. 

    Where do we start?  Beginning first graders should be able to identify each letter of the alphabet, the sound of the letters, and a word that starts with each letter. If your child is struggling with any of these tasks, please begin practicing at home. Flashcards are available on the "Reading Resources" tab.  Thank you for helping your child early on!

    Level 4

    *End of Kindergarten Expectations


    Level 16

    *End of First Grade Expectations



    The Little red hen said “Who will eat the bread?”


    “I will,” said the duck.

    “I will,” said the dog.

    “I will,” said the cat.

    “I will,” said the duck.


    Fox decided to speak to the wax man. “Good evening, sir,” she said. “Will you please give me a chicken”?

    The wax man smiled, but it did not answer.

    Fox was upset. She said loudly, “Mister! I want a chicken now!”

    Again, the wax man did not answer.