English IV - Major Works

English IV - Survey of British Literature

  • Dear English IV Students and Parents,

     I am pleased to welcome you to English IV. I am looking forward to a successful year! This year’s curriculum includes a survey of British literature from Beowulf to the Modern Period, with an emphasis on study skills, critical thinking, and writing skills.

    Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their student’s course of study. To encourage your student to read, please ask them what they are reading and discuss the books or poetry with them.

    At the beginning of each grading quarter, each student will be given a syllabus outlining the material to be covered and important dates for various assignments and tests. The amount of homework given will depend upon what we are doing in class. Obviously, assigned reading and writing done at home will directly affect the success of class discussions and writing activities. Each grading quarter syllabus and assignments can be found on this webpage.

    Progress reports are sent home every three weeks, and report cards are sent home with students at the end of every grading quarter. I strongly encourage parents to regularly utilize the online grade system to access and monitor your student’s success.

    Tutoring is always available by appointment. I hope students will take advantage of this opportunity. Please refer to the student handbook regarding the attendance policy and rules concerning late work. If a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to check with the teacher to see what was missed. To prevent a student from falling further behind, make-up sessions are held every day except Thursday. The location for make-up sessions will be my classroom.