• Welcome to Chemistry

    With Ms. Mikolajewski

    What Will We Study?

    Below is a lineup of topics we will study in Chemistry this year:

    1st semester                                                                 2nd semester

    Lab Safety/ Matter: Properties and Changes                                     Precipitation & Redox Reactions

    Atomic History/Nuclear                                                                    The Mole

    Dimensional Analysis, Sci. Notation, Sig. Fig.                                 Stoichiometry

    Electromagnetic Spectrum                                                                 Gases

    Electron Configuration                                                                       Solutions

    Periodic Table & Elements                                                                 Acids and Bases

    Naming Ionic & Covalent Compounds                                              Thermodynamics

    Covalent Bonding                                                                                Equilibrium & Reaction Rates

    Balancing Chemical Equations                                                            Organic/Projects

    What are the minimum supplies I personally need for class?

    Scientific calculator (you can find in at Walmart or Target for around $12)

    Binder Notebook Paper

    Pens/Pencils Highlighters

    What supplies do I need to bring for our class to use?

    (Pick at least one item from each of the following three groups for all to share.) Any and all such items are greatly appreciated by everyone in the class.

    Group A

    Group B

    Group C

    Pack of construction paper

    Paper Towels

    Ream of copy paper

    Dry erase markers

    Hand sanitizer

    Clorox/Lysol Wipes 

    Pack of Kleenex

    Colored pencils



    How Will I Be Graded?

    You may use the following information to calculate your grade at any time during the nine weeks.











    Ø Daily Grades (Formative Assessments: labs, quizzes à 40%

    Ø Major Grades (Summative Assessments): exams, projects, à 60%

    Retest Policy:

    The retest policy will comply with the official Atascocita High School retest policy. This policy states that students may choose to reassess one summative assessment per 9 week period. The original assessment and reassessment grades will be averaged regardless of the second test score. Reassessment may not be available for the last summative assessment of a grading period due to time constraints. Students may be reassessed on the objective(s) they missed and in the modality the teacher selects, i.e., a different test, oral defense, written modes, explanations, demonstrations, etc. If students want an opportunity to be reassessed on a summative assessment, students must:

    1. Attend at least 1 tutorial session on the non-mastered material.

    2. Make corrections to the original assessment and discuss the assessment with the teacher during tutorials.

    3. Complete all missing assignments pertaining to the unit they want to reassess. Late work policy will apply.

    4. Complete the reassessment form requiring both teacher and parent signatures


    Class worksheets are a tool for practicing a skill or to help learn a particular topic. Class work will be checked, and sometimes graded. However, class work is necessary for your success on quizzes and tests and will be required prior to any reassessment.

    Student Expectations:

    Obey all rules according to Student Handbook. Engage your brain. Bring all necessary materials with you to class and take them with you when you leave. Use a school appropriate voice (level and language). Purses and backpacks must be off the desks and laps. Clean up after yourself (recycle when appropriate).

    Electronic Devices in the Classroom:

    My class is defaulted to a Red Zone, which means that the use of any electronic device is not permitted. The use of an electronic device in the Red Zone will result in a referral to the office, and any consequences they see fit to administer. On the rare occasion that I allow the use of electronic devices, I will make an announcement and there will be a sign at the front of the room declaring it a Green Zone. This is the only time that students are allowed to have electronic devices out. The use of any electronic device during testing will result in a score of zero for the test (which cannot be reassessed), and a referral to the office.

    The study of chemistry requires more comprehension than memorization, and will challenge you to think in new ways. Waiting until the night before the test to start studying is not a good idea. Try to study a little every day.


    During each nine week period, you will have at least 4 summative grades. Because major grades are 60% of your total 9 weeks average, each project or exam is crucial to your nine week average. Take tests and projects seriously. If you follow directions and put an honest effort, you should be fine. The semester exams are 20% of the total semester grade so keeping your notes, assignments and quizzes will help for studying.

    Make Up Work:

    It is your responsibility to keep up with any missed work. District policy allows one class day of make-up for each day missed. Assignments due on the date of the absence are due on the day of return. Tests missed on the day of the absence must be taken the day you return. If this is not possible a different version of the test will be given.

    *A word of Advice: If you are sick and will be out several days in a row, you may have parents call the office to arrange pick up of work from your teachers.

    Extra Time/Extra Help:

    Mrs. Mikolajewski will be available for additional student assistance every Tuesday from: 2:45-3:30 and on Thursday mornings from 8:45-9:15. Tutoring with other teachers is also available on other days; the schedule will be posted in my room and on my website.

    Keeping up:

    Please check my website for power points, reviews or other helpful links. I also post upcoming due dates, quiz and test dates to the calendar.

    Contact Information: E-mail address- Jennifer.mikolajewski@humble.k12.tx.us

                                     School phone #- 281-641-7687

                                     School website- https://www.humbleisd.net/Domain/5462