G/T Identification Process Timeline 2019-2020 

    A few changes to our G/T referral process will be in effect this school year:

    • All parents wishing to refer their child for G/T services will use the form on the website: G/T Referrals (beginning August 26th at 8:00am).
    • If anyone other than the parent would like to refer the student (i.e. teacher), they must contact the parent to have them complete the online form.
    • The G/T Referrals form will include the permission to test and serve if identified.
    Please see the below tentative timeline.
    GT Identification Process Timeline*

    8/26/2019 Referral Window Opens (Grades 1-12)

    9/27/2019 Referral Window Closes (Grades 1-12)

    9/30/2019 Assessment Window Opens (Grades 1-12

    12/2/2019 Kindergarten Screener/ Referral Window Opens

    12/20/2019 Assessment Window Closes (Grades 1-12)

    1/10/2020 Kindergarten Referral Window Closes

    1/13/2020 Kindergarten Assessment Window Opens

    1/31/2020 Grades 1-12 Notification Letters/ K Assessment Window Closes

    2/14/2020 Kindergarten Notification Letters

    *Subject to change