Goals of the Gifted/Talented Program
    The Humble ISD is committed to an educational program which recognizes the unique value, needs, and talents of the individual student. A program for academically excellent students is an integral part of this commitment. The G/T program in Humble ISD exists for the students who are capable and ready to learn at the levels of depth and complexity necessary to master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for their appropriate grade levels. Its guiding characteristic is the provision of differentiated and independent studies which meet both cognitive and affective needs. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide experiences whereby the students will be challenged academically, socially, and emotionally to achieve their greatest potential to manage change and to have a sense of responsibility for self, school, community, and society.
    • The students are empowered to perform a high level of achievement and to develop exceptional abilities.
    • The students will apply basic skills to advanced learning activities and workplace competencies.
    • The students will acquire high-status knowledge - those academic studies and experiences deemed important by society.
    • The students will develop behaviors and skills necessary for self-selected and lifelong learning, for exploration of new ideas, and for individual responsibility.
    • The students will expand thinking capacities: creative, critical, logical reasoning, meta cognitive, conceptual.
    • The students will broaden perspectives of world reality.

    Objectives of the Gifted/Talented Program

    • The students will develop an understanding of their own needs and talents in order to select and to apply learning to new situations, to pace learning experiences, to evaluate their progress, and to show growth in individual responsibility, self management, and social ability.
    • The students will show ability in logical reasoning and in the critical thinking skills of observing, inferring, collecting data, classifying, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, and problem solving.
    • The students will show creativity in their capacities for fluency, flexibility, originality, elaboration, and transformation.
    • The students will demonstrate advanced levels of competency in communication skills which reflect appropriate modes of expressing the results of investigative and creative work and of managing diverse interests and challenges.
    • The students will show leadership skills and decision-making ability by assuming responsibilities related to their school work, to the activities of the other students, and to the school.
    • The students will demonstrate understanding of the various types of research and knowledge of the skills and products appropriate for each type.