Atascocita High School

    Welding/ Adv. Welding






              The Humble Independent School District is dedicated to providing a SAFE learning environment in which all students can become mature, productive, and responsible citizens. In the Welding department, SAFETY and EDUCATION of the student is our goal.

              To achieve this goal, we must establish, maintain a SAFETY conscience atmosphere where students learn, apply, and develop skills and knowledge in “real work” situations. In addition, problem solving skills and creating SAFE work habits in an industrial based setting is encouraged, practiced, and experienced.

              We do this by involving many of the same materials, tools, processes, and products that are used in industry. Please review this with your son/daughter, sign at the appropriate place, date, and return to me as soon as possible.


    Thank you for your support!



    Randy Dobbins

    Welding/Adv. Welding Instructor

    Atascocita High School