• dear parents
    • We are looking forward to working with your child in physical education. Our goal is to provide a positive learning experience while developing the mind and body through physical activity.
    •  Safety is a primary concern, so we ask that your child wear or bring tennis shoes or wear enclosed flat rubber soled shoes on physical education days. No Crocs, sandals, wheelies, or flip flops are allowed. Our classes are outside (weather permitting), so children should be dressed appropriate for the weather. Please be sure your child wears shorts under a dress/skirt. Children are also encouraged and permitted to bring water bottles (with names on them).
    •  If your child is to be excused from participation due to illness or injury, they will need a parent note. If they are to be excused for more than three days, a doctor’s note is required according to district policy. Please advise your child to give all notes to their homeroom teacher or the school nurse. Also, if a child has a note and is excused from P.E. they are not allowed to participate in recess.
    • Physical Education Expectations:

                Participate- Give 100%

                Support Others & Be A Good Sport

                Remember To Listen & Follow Directions

                Respect Others & Equipment

                Always Think Safety!

    • Students that choose not to follow expectations will have consequences ranging from being pulled from the activity for a period of time, signing the penalty book, a note home, a phone call or email to parents, or a visit to the AP/Principal’s office.


    • Our grading procedures will be run by a point system. There are two components:
    Conduct  Participation
     0-3  E  0-3  E
     4-6  S  4-6  S
     7-10 N 7-10 N
     11+  U  11+  U
    • We feel that all of our students will do wonderfully! Please feel free to contact us anytime you have a special need or concern.

                (281) 641-3009

                  Coach Frye
                   Coach Marleen