SCHS Student Choir Officers

  • Student Officers - Executive Board 2020-2021

    President: Chris Padua 
    Vice Presidents: Eric Bugtong & Reese Haines 
    Secretary: Trish Luu
    Librarian: TBD
    Historian: Leonard Gomez & TBD
    Uniform Manager: Dawson Miller
    Equipment Manager: Brissa Aranda & Jeremiah Howard
    Social Officer: TBD
    Choir Council
    Chorale Section Leaders - TBD
    Unfilled positions will be filled after next year's Chorale placement decisions have been made.  All returning and incoming Chorale students will have an opportunity to apply in the fall.
    Other Choir Representatives are offered an opportunity to apply for an officer position after placement decisions have been made and/or elections will be held in the Fall by the current students from that choir.

    Summer Leadership Training (mandatory as able)

      • June TBD - 6:00-8:30 PM at Mrs. Robison’s house
      • July TBD - 6:00-8:30 PM at Mrs. Robison’s house
      • August TBD - (I would like for us to either participate in the SCHS LEadership Training with StuCo or participate in TCDA's Student Leadership Training.  More info to come.
    Officers - make sure that you check your Choir Officer Team Google Drive for Meeting Minutes and other important documents.  Also, be sure that you have signed up for Remind 101 for the Choir Officers. Text @choirof to 81010.
    Social Officer Specifics (The dates are old. I will update soon.)


    Executive Board 2019-2020

    President: Jocelyn McDaniel 
    Vice Presidents: Marcela Aramburu & Alec Hernandez 
    Secretary: Sheryn Antony
    Librarian: Lukas Gomez
    Historian: Jowie Sibayan & Mariana Vasquez
    Uniform Manager: Carissa DeLeon & Leonard Gomez
    Equipment Manager: Marcus Melancon & Chris Padua
    Chorale Section Leaders: Sopranos-Jocelyn McDaniel & Alee Garcia; Altos-Eliyah Nelson & Marissa Espitia; Tenors-Leo Gomez & Lukas Gomez; Basses-Reese Haines & Chris Padua
    Cantabile Representatives: Elise Coyle, Kailin Goldstein, Emily Gonzalez
    Women's Chamber Choir Representative: Madison Diaz, Milly Gordon, Sofia Plata, and Gabby Simien
    Men's Chamber Choir Representative: David Hebert, Paul Hardin & Stanford Smith


    Executive Board 2018-2019

    President: Anabel Avila 
    Vice Presidents: November Lee
    Secretary: Alec Hernandez
    Librarian: Carissa DeLeon
    Historian: Chloe Lewis
    Uniform Manager: Jacob Morales
    Equipment Manager: Chris Padua
    Chorale Soprano Section Leader: Anabel Avila
    Chorale Soprano 2/Alto 1 Section Leader: Chloe Lewis
    Chorale Alto Section Leader: November Lee
    Chorale Tenor Section Leader: Jacob Morales
    Chorale Tenor 2/Baritone Section Leader: Gavin Haines
    Chorale Bass Section Leader: Chris Padua
    Cantabile Representatives: Tori Guerrero & Brianna Maldonado
    Women's Chamber Choir Representative: Kendall Cormier, Kailin Goldstein, Emily Obregon, and Samantha Torres
    Men's Chamber Choir Representative: Blake Carr and Ethan Eppers

    Executive Board 2017-2018

    President: Isabel Alvarado
    Vice Presidents: Anij Correa & Steven Padua
    Secretary: Alexia Flores
    Librarian: Anabel Avila
    Historian: November Lee
    Webmaster: Jacob Morales
    Equipment Manager:Zachary Tubbs
    Cantabile Representatives: Jewel Day and Carissa DeLeon
    Women's Chamber Choir Representative: Samantha Torres and Mariana Vasquez
    Men's Chamber Choir Representative: Eric Butong and Chris Padua