• Behavioral Expectations
     Pirate girl Pirate boy
                                      Be Responsible
                                  Be prepared every day.
                    Keep your area clean.
                                                       Pick up after yourself in all areas of the school.
                                 Be Respectful
                                                                 Be kind with your words and actions.
                                                Raise your hand if you want to speak.
                               Listen when others speak.
                                  Walk quietly in the hallways.
    Be Safe
                                                       Keep all 4 chair legs on the floor.
                   Sit on your pockets.
                                               Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
                                              Always WALK when you are in school. 
               Always Be A Learner
                             Listen and follow directions.
            Try new things.
                            Say, "I can! or I will try!"