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    KPHS Reassessment Policy

    Students who score below a 70% on a summative grade in class may choose to reassess that summative grade. The student will receive a max score of a 70% on the reassessment.  Students may reassess only one summative grade per class per nine weeksSummative grades include but are not limited to -- tests, projects, essays, products or performances. 

    Students who fail as a result of cheating are not eligible to reassess.
    In order to reassess the student must:

    • complete the re-assessment form
    • attend tutoring
    • complete any missing work/labs
    • re-assess

    The process must be completed within 5 school days of the failing grade being postedStudents who do not follow this process in the given time period will not be permitted to reassess. Students may not be able to reassess the last test of the 9 weeks if time does not permit.