• When looking at your grades, always check the column labeled "SCORE". The number one mistake when looking at grades through Home Access Center (HAC), is that people look at the column marked "PERCENTAGE". Even if an assignment is not graded, your percentage will read 0.00%.
    The "SCORE" column will let you know whether or not you actually have a zero.

    Listed below is a key to help you understand values other than numbers that may appear in the "SCORE" column:

    A = Absent on the day of the assignment, and student NEEDS to complete the assignment (does not yet affect your average)
    Z = Late but still accepted for late credit,  OR   student never handed it in and it's passed time of being accepted (counts like a 0.00)
    X = Exempt from the assignment (does not and will not affect your average)               
    ^ = Collected and checked but not yet graded (does not yet affect your average)
    BLANK = Not yet collected, not yet checked, and/or not yet graded (does not yet affect your average)