• Preschool Screenings  (Children 3 to 5 years of age)

     Preschool Screenings are typically conducted by the educational diagnostician and speech-language pathologist at the student's home campus.  Parents may initiate a request for screening when concern is indicated with possible developmental delays or disorders, such as those pertaining to speech, language, or atypical behavior.  To rule out possible vision and hearing difficulties, an appointment is first scheduled with our school nurse for a vision/hearing/general health screening and parent interview (Emily James - Clinic/Voice Mail: 281-641-1605).  If your child participates in a Mother's Day Out or preschool program, information from the teacher is needed, as well.  

    Prior to the screening, copies of the following information are also needed:

    • Birth Certificate (state issued certificate)
    • Proof of Residency (recent utility bill - not a phone bill)
    • Immunization Record 
    • Parent or Guardian's Driver's License

    Completion of the Parent Information Form, as well as the Teacher Information Form (if applicable), is also needed.

     For circumstances in which a child is regularly exposed to a language other than English, additional background information and language screening by district assigned bilingual assessment personnel will be needed to assist in determining the presence of a delay or disorder.

     Once the information and forms have been gathered, an appointment will be scheduled to screen your child's overall development.  Depending on the individual child and his or her age level, completion of the screening generally ranges from one to one and one-half hours.  Upon completion of the screening, a review of the screening will be conducted with the parent, administrator, and assessment staff to determine whether referral for a more in-depth assessment is needed.

     While this process may seem complicated, the information gathered is important in determining not only if a delay or disorder may be possible, but if there are any factors that could be contributing to the area of concern, and the paperwork is necessary for an additional referral if indicated.


    Screening for Children Under 3 Years of Age

    For concern regarding possible developmental delays or disabilities in children prior to the age of three years, a referral is made to the state's Early Childhood Intervention Program (ECI-Keep Pace) for screening and possible evaluation.  Initial intake for the referral can be completed by contacting the campus speech-language pathologist, or by contacting Keep Pace directly:


    Harris County Department of Education 
    ECI Keep Pace 
    6005 Westview Drive 
    Houston, TX 77055 
    Referral Number - (713) 696-2130    
    Fax Number -  (713) 696-2133
    Email: jbayley@hcde-texas.org
    Web: www.ecikeeppace.org