Verification of Enrollment

  • If you plan to enroll your student in a Driver’s Education course during the summer.  Please be aware that a Verification of Enrollment form is required to be able to enroll.  This form is not automatic enrollment, simply a form required to be able to register for Driver’s Ed. 

    If you are in need of this VOE, please make your request to the REGISTRAR - 

    Marlene Garza, or 281-641-4607.  

    All requested VOE forms will be ready for pick up by the end of the day on May 29, 2019.

    Students are allowed to enroll in a State-approved Driver’s Education course at age 14; however, they are not allowed to receive their driving permit until their 15th birthday. As such, it may be necessary to obtain another Verification of Enrollment from your student’s assigned high school if they will not be turning 15 over the summer months. Please see the Texas Department of Public Safety website for more details at