• Dress Code

    The purpose of the Humble ISD dress code is to create an atmosphere where maximum teaching and learning can occur. The district believes that reasonable dress code regulations help to sustain a wholesome learning environment, one that supports the social, emotional, and intellectual growth of students, not only while attending Humble ISD, but also as a means of preparing them for future endeavors. The complete dress code can be found in the Humble ISD Parent/Student Handbook at the district website.

    • Mini-dresses and mini-skirts shorter then mid-thigh, spaghetti straps, leotards, and halters as an outer garment are not acceptable. Blouses covering tube tops must be buttoned. The length of shorts must be between the knee and mid-thigh. Remember the fingertip rule!

    • Male students are not allowed to wear shirts without sleeves.

    • Sunglasses may not be worn in the school building.

    • Shoes are to be worn. Heels above 1/2 inch and flip-flops are not permitted.

    • Make-up is not permitted at the elementary level.