Humble ISD counselors teach The Great 8: Skills for Daily Life using the Why Try and Bridges programs as the foundation of the guidance curriculum.  By using these components throughout the district and grade levels, Humble ISD counselors create a common language and a core set of competencies for all students as they move from campus to campus.
    The Great 8
    The Great 8 Skills
    Optimistic thinking: A person’s attitude of confidence, hopefulness, and positive thinking. 
    Self-management: A person’s success in controlling his/ her emotions and behaviors, especially in new and challenging situations.
    Relationship skills: A person’s skill at promoting and maintaining positive connections with others.
    Goal-directed behavior: A person’s initiation of, and persistence in completing, difficult tasks.  
    Decision making: A person’s approach to problem-solving, learning from experience, using values to guide behavior and accepting responsibility
    Personal responsibility: A person’s tendency to be careful and reliable in his/her actions and to contribute to group efforts.
    Self-awareness: A person’s realistic understanding of his/ her strengths and limitations, and consistent desire for self-improvement.
    Social awareness: A person’s capacity to interact with others in ways that show respect, tolerance, and cooperation.
    Multiple Intelligence Test: Resources