• Mr. H's Bio!
    Not for the serious intellectual...
    Bill Nye Hands Mars Mission the Award...
    ...I made him hold a Creekwood sign!
    What is Mars Mission? 
    Mr. H wins a a Science Trip - to the Bahamas!!! 
    (DISCLAIMER: All video and photographic images authorized by JASON Learning and approved for release per participant-signed waivers.) 
    1.  Mr. H's documentary film of the trip, narrated by you-know-who. 
    2.  If you prefer to READ about it:
    Your hero digs mountain biking, drums, and hiking/running in East End Park.  (No, he did not chop down that tree!)  He can also be heard and admired occasionally as the detail-challenged announcer behind the CMS Microphone at home football games.  Go Colts!
    Behind the mic for CMS football! East End Park after the tornado Rockin' Indy with my bike bro me & my babies