Lettering Criteria for KHS HOSA

    The following criteria must be met for a HOSA member to have the privilege of purchasing a letter jacket for KHS HOSA.

    Criteria 1: Active membership for at least two years.

    a.       Active member is defined as:

    1.      Paying annual HOSA dues

    2.      Attending at least six HOSA meetings each year

    3.      Enrolling in a Health Science Class for at least 2 semesters


    Criteria 2: Participation in the HOSA activities for two years.

    a.       Participation is defined by participating in a minimum of three service projects (blood drives, nursing home visits, social events, charity partnership…)


    Criteria 3: Participate in at least six HOSA leadership activities.

    a.       These six activities may be a combination of, but not limited to the following:

    1.      Members in HOSA Officer Positions will earn 2 leadership activities.

    2.      HOSA Fall Leadership Conference will earn 1 leadership activity.

    3.      Members qualifying for an Area competition by testing will earn 3 leadership activities.

    4.      Members qualifying for State competition will earn 6 leadership activities.

    5.      Members qualifying for National competition will earn 6 leadership activities.


    Criteria 4: Participate in the HOSA fundraiser each year.


    Criteria 5: No disciplinary action taken against them that includes a write up, Detention, In School Suspension,

                      Long Term Suspension. No holds (owe money or materials, books) in Humble ISD.


    Criteria 6: No more than 3 unexcused absences (single day) during the year in which they are lettering
    Please print out the attached criteria form and application.   HOSA Lettering