• Humble ISD District Improvement Plan 2017-18

    2013-14 District Improvement Plan (DIP)
    Humble ISD DIP (Version 1)
    Goal 1: Demonstrate sustained growth in student academic achievement.
    Goal 2: Ensure safe and secure environment for students and staff.
    Goal 3: Create a welcoming culture and climate for all stakeholders.
    Goal 1: Each student will be on track to be post-secondary and/or career ready by graduation.
    Goal 2: HISD learning communities will provide students with a safe and nurturing school environment.
    Goal 3: HISD will attract, develop, and retain world-class educators committed to serving each student.
    Goal 4: HISD will develop and promote positive internal and external relations through effective communication and stakeholder involvement.
    Goal 5: HISD will support the district's vision and mission through operations that are effective, efficient, and accountable.