Bilingual Program Information

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    Bilingual Education Programs                            

    At Humble ISD, our bilingual education programs foster the acquisition of Spanish and English, through our Dual Language program and our Bilingual Late Exit Transitional Program.

    Dual Language Program

    The Dual Language Program is a biliteracy program model that integrates native Spanish speakers and native English speakers in a mixed group setting through literacy in the core content areas of Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.  

    The goal of the Dual Language Program is to help students become bilingual, biliterate and bicultural while promoting high academic achievement.  Students in the Dual Language Program develop an appreciation and a cross-cultural understanding of others.   The Dual Language Program provides students an opportunity to obtain a Seal of Biliteracy Performance Acknowledgement upon graduation while preparing for college, career and life choices. For more information visit:

    Dual Language Program at Humble Elementary

    Bilingual Late Exit Transitional Program

    In the Bilingual Late Exit Transitional Program, students are taught basic concepts with primary language support as they transition to an all English program. Research shows that students solid in first-language academic skills gain second language skills more easily. Students in the bilingual programs are provided with instruction in English and the percentage of English increases as the students move from Pre-K to fifth grade. Students in a bilingual education program may exit in grades 2-5 if they demonstrate proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as measured by state-exit criteria. These programs are housed at eight elementary schools in Humble ISD:

    Jack Fields Elementary

    Humble Elementary

    Lakeland Elementary

    North Belt Elementary

    Oak Forest Elementary (K-5)

    Park Lakes Elementary

    Ridge Creek Elementary

    River Pines Elementary

    Timbers Elementary (Pre-K only)


    Para mas informacion del programa de Salida Tardia de ESL:

    Transitional Late Exit Program Español