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    WMS GT Information

    Please click on the link below for the GT Referral window for Fall 2022 and an informational page on the difference between a Bright Learner and a Gifted Learner. These descriptors may help you in deciding on referring your student for GT testing. A parent or teacher is allowed to refer a student for GT testing.

    Humble ISD Gifted and Talented Awareness Information

    Please Note: a student does NOT have to be labeled as GT in order to be enrolled in PreAP courses. 

    NEW to Woodcreek?
    If you are new to Woodcreek and you were in the GT program in your previous district, you will need to provide the documentation showing the testing that was given to determine your GT status. This information must include what test(s) your student was given and the scores of those tests. This information can be found in your students cummulative folder that the school keeps on file. This file will transfer with your child to Woodcreek, but you must make the registrar aware that you are interested in the GT program. Please note, a student does not have to be labeled GT to be in the Pre-AP class. Once you have submitted the appropriate GT paperwork, your testing records will be sent to our District GT Coordinator for review. The scores will be compared to our district criteria to see if they correlate and meet the GT criteria for Humble ISD. Once this information is determined, the decision on placement will be sent back to our campus, and we will contact you and move forward accordingly. If your scores do not match our district criteria, you will have the opportunity to refer your child during the next available referral window (see link above for referral dates and information).  

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child's counselor or Lisa Campbell, WMS Testing Coordinator, for more information. 

    7th Grade Counselor: Sheena Watkins 281.641.5328 - Sheena.Watkins@humbleisd.net

    8th Grade Counselor: Mariana Reyna 281.641.5324- Mariana.Reyna@humbleisd.net

    6th Grade Counselor: Adrienne Cavazos 218.641.5224 - acavazo@humbleisd.net

    WMS Testing Coordinator:

    Lisa Campbell