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    How do I get a slow pass? 

    A note from the parent or doctor explaining why the slow pass is needed.  If the pass is needed for more than 1 day a note from the physician is required.


    How do I get an elevator key? 

    In order to get an elevator key, we need a note from a physician, explaining why the use of the elevator is needed.  It requires a $10.00 deposit which you will get back when the key is turned in. This is given by Lucia Porras. You may reach her at 281-641-6397. Please have your doctor’s note ready for her.


     When do we need a  physician to sign medication paperwork? 

    Any medication given daily, any medication that might be given more than 4 times in a month, all prescription medications that will be given on a as needed basis, any medication dose greater than what is stated on the bottle, all Inhaler paperwork and all Epi- pen paperwork will need to be signed by a physician. See medication administration form under helpful documents.


    How do I sign my student out when ill? 

    Please have your student come to the clinic if they feel ill.  If your student contacts you to pick them up (via text message or a phone call) tell them to come to the clinic first.  

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