The following are questions we are frequently asked by our members.
    Please review them, and if further explanation is needed,
    contact an officer or sponsor.

    **Please note that the Q&A below does NOT reflect the altered 2020-2021 service requirements.  Please read over the NHS Membership Packet 2020-2021 for an updated Q&A section (located on General Meetings tab).
    What do I need to do in order to be in good standing?
    • To be in good standing, members must meet their responsibilities each semester. In the first semester, this means paying dues ($30.00 for Juniors and $55.00 for Seniors), participating in fundraisers, attending Leadership Seminar, and completing 15 hours of service. In the second semester, this means completing an additional 15 hours of service.  Please see the Point System Overview for specific rules relating to service hours and point check due dates.  Members must also have clean conduct records and maintain a 4.25 cumulative GPA.


    What happens if I'm put on probation?
    • Being put on probation means that you have fallen short in upholding your responsibilities as a NHS member. Therefore, you must remedy the situation by the end of the following nine weeks point check, otherwise you will be dismissed from NHS. For example, if you were short 3 points for the 1st nine weeks point check, you must turn in 11 points for the 2nd nine weeks point check (8 regular hours + 3 make up hours).


    How can I earn service hours? 
    • There are multiple chances to earn service hours each semester. The service account (serviceahs@gmail.com) sends out service opportunities to all members' email addresses. More information about each of these events can be found by going to the "NHS-Sponsored Service Events" tab and clicking on the event. Additionally, you can submit your own ideas or other projects to count for service, but you must get it pre-approved first.


    Can I participate in a service event for hours that is NOT sponsored by NHS?
    • Yes! Simply submit a pre-approval form for non-NHS events with the appropriate information filled out to serviceahs@gmail.com.  In order to guarantee a response, you must email your pre-approval form at least 5 days in advance to the event in question.  You may send in your form any time prior to the event (e.g. two or three days before event), but there is no guarantee that your request form will be reviewed prior to the event taking place.  If the event is approved, please print out the approval email/original request form and attach it to your service point form.  You will not gain any non-NHS service points without the approval email.
    • *Note - If you have a recurring event (repeated dates for event within a nine weeks), you must complete a NEW pre-approval form at the start of a new nine weeks.  Make sure to list the dates that this event occurs on your pre-approval form!  This must be attached EACH nine weeks to your point form.


    How many individual NHS and non-NHS points do I need?
    • By the end of the whole school year, each member is required to have obtained at least 15 NHS hours plus another 15 NHS/non-NHS hours for a total of 30 hours. This means that at least 15 of the 30 hours of the year must be NHS points. 

    1 hour served at a NHS-sponsored event = 1 NHS service point

    1 hour served at a non-NHS event = 1 non-NHS service point 
    • At the end of the first semester, students must have at least 7 NHS service points in order to remain in good standing.  The remaining required NHS service points can be earned in the second semester. 
    • The 15 points for each semester must be earned by participating in a minimum of 4 total events (NHS-sponsored and non-NHS events combined).
    What is the difference between NHS-sponsored events and non-NHS events?  How do I count events?
    • A NHS-sponsored event is one that is supported by the organization and promoted with a corresponding Sign Up Genius.  A running list of NHS-sponsored events is provided on the website.
    • A non-NHS event is one that the student seeks out and is approved in advance by the Service Vice President.  Please see the pre-approval form for non-NHS events for further details.
    • Please note that when we count events, we count TYPE of event, not the number of times you volunteered at a particular place.  For example, if you help with custodial clean up three times over the course of the nine weeks, it will only count as ONE event for that nine weeks.  It will count as a separate event again at the start of a new nine weeks.


    How do I know how many points I have?
    • Point statuses are updated online regularly. Check the date of the file for the last time it was updated. It is recommended that all members make a copy of their point forms before turning them in. Members are encouraged to turn in their point forms by the end of each month in order to prevent procrastination.


    Where/How do I turn in point forms?
    • Point forms can be turned in to Ms. Spence's room (Gold 1 - Room 1910).  You can also turn in point forms during general meetings.


    What should I do if I think there is an error with my points?
    • If you encounter an error in the points online: First, you should check your own records against what is online.  Second, you should contact the NHS Secretary and Chapter Advisers.


    What about summer hours?  Do I need to do them? Do they count towards anything?
    • NHS members are not required to do additional hours over the summer.  Non-NHS service completed over the summer WILL NOT be counted for points during the fall semester.
    What do I do if I can't make it to a monthly meeting?
    • Each member is required to attend the monthly meetings.  (Please refer to the General Meetings tab of the website for the specific meeting dates.)  If a member cannot go to the meeting, then he/she must inform the Chapter Advisers ahead of time by completing a General Meeting Excuse Form.
    • A student can only excuse one general meeting per semester without penalty.
    • A point penalty will occur with either of the following situations: a student misses a general meeting without completing a General Meeting Excuse Form beforehand or a student misses an additional meeting after one has already been excused for that semester.


    What is a point penalty?
    • A point penalty is an additional 2 service hours per infraction that the student must complete during the nine weeks period in order to remain in good standing.  Failure to complete the additional service hours during the allotted time will result in the student being put on probation.

    What happens if I miss Leadership Seminar?
    • Leadership Seminar is an event occurring each semester that teaches students to develop and hone their leadership skills.  The event involves a guest speaker, games/activities, discussion sessions, and a reflection wrap-up.  A make-up activity will be mandatory for members who do not attend the leadership seminar.
    • If you know that you are unable to attend Leadership Seminar due to a scheduling conflict, you must submit a form ahead of time.  Please see the Chapter Advisers for more information.
    Any further questions can be addressed to any officer, sponsor, or NHS email.