• Manners Lunch

    4th Grade Manners Lunch - Feb 14, 2020

    The 4th grade class will have Manner's Lunch on Friday, February 14, 2020. Many volunteers are needed to make this memorable event a success. Please visit the BBE PTA website to sign up and learn more about the volunteer opportunities available. ALL OTHER GRADE LEVELS WILL HAVE LUNCH IN CLASSROOMS, so NOT A GOOD DAY FOR LUNCH VISITORS.
    Manners Lunch FAQ's

    Why is there a Manners Lunch?

    HumbleISD Child Nutrition Services sponsors the Manners Lunch to teach fourth graders basic table etiquette along with manners that focus on respect for oneself and others.  The formal Manner’s Banquet is where kids have an opportunity to practice what they learned and improve self-confidence.

    What does my child wear?

    We ask that your child dress in Sunday best.  We encourage a more formal dress code for manners lunch, but in no way want this to place an undue financial burden on our BBE families.  Our counselor Fran Newman has a “traveling closet” that is available to anyone that needs assistance for this day.  Please contact fnewman@humbleisd.net or kpruitt@humbleisd.net if you would like to take advantage of our “traveling closet”.

    How much does it cost?

    The Manners Lunch costs the same as everyday lunch.  Paying students pay the same, reduced students pay their normal rate, and free students still eat free.  Please make sure your student has the appropriate funds in their lunch account for this special meal of chicken, pasta, salad, soup, bread and dessert.  Every student will participate in the planned meal.  If your student usually brings lunch and does not utilize a lunch account, please make sure they bring $2.25 for lunch.

    How can I help?