• Helpful Athletics Information

  • Grades

    Athletes receive two grade per week: one for dressing out and one for participation. 

    Dressing out: Athletes earn 20 points for each day they dress out during the week. If your athlete does not have a note to sit out, they will be expected to dress out. First time they forget their clothes, it will be a warning. Second time, contact guardians. Third time, it will be a referral.

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    Participation: Athletes earn 20 points for each day they participate. If you athlete sits out with a note or because they do no have their physical complete, they will be write a report in order to receive credit for their missed participation. 

  • Parent Notes 

    • If your athlete is sick and can not workout they must bring a parent notes to their coach.
  • Absences

    To make-up for the work-out your athlete missed, they will be required to run a mile at home. A note must be turned into their coach with their guardian's signature on it stating they completed their mile.