• Medications 

    All medications must be dispensed through the clinic nurse.  The medicine must be in its original container (not loose), be labeled with the name of the student and brought to the clinic by the parent.  A pharmacist can provide an extra labeled bottle if needed.  A permission form must be submitted to the school nurse before any medication can be administered. The form is available from the school nurse or on the web.  Verbal permission is not legally acceptable.  See the Middle School Handbook for specifics.



    If a student requires an inhaler during school or athletics, the same medication rules apply. A student who wishes to carry the inhaler must have a special consent form signed by the physician.   The form is available from the school nurse.


    Student Medical Updates

    Please provide the school nurse with information regarding any significant health problems, whether it is an update or provision of information new to us at RMS.


    Slow Pass

    Slow passes are a privilege for injured students so the student may avoid further injury in the hall between classes.  The following are important points to remember about slow passes:

    ·         The injured student is excused a maximum of five (5) minutes early from class.

    ·         The pass is issued for a certain number of days.  There is a starting and ending date on the pass.

    ·         Passes are not issued for the entire year unless specified students.

    ·         If a student needs an assistant to help with books, doors, etc., the request will be written on the bottom of the slow pass.