•  JROTC Cadet Testimonies 
    Each year cadets are asked to write an essay about our Army JROTC program. Listed below are a few students (unnamed) who have given their opinion on our program. Not only do we strive to be the best program but we strive to make it the best for the cadets.
    • "In Humble High School they offer us many programs, but in my opinion the only one that is going to help you the most from when you begin high school to even college is the JROTC program. I am currently a junior at Humble High School and joined the Army JROTC program when I was a freshman. Half of the students here in Humble High might see us with negativity thoughts, but for me it was an opportunity. An opportunity, for me is to be someone, and head towards good decisions. Before JROTC my ways of decisions were not heading towards got but bad. Once joining, everything I did from community service, and being best in P.T., following orders, and bringing motivation towards my fellow cadets, they began to award me. Instead of being just any cadet in the Battalion, I was somebody other then that. My freshman year I was squad leader, sophomore year I became a platoon sergeant to platoon leader, till my junior year I became Battalion Commander. At first participated in many events for the ribbons, and then I began to do these things for my own good. Our instructors not only show us the way of life in the military but also for safety reasons. Many people think that because you join JROTC you need to join the military, but if the military is not what you really want than its okay. This is a program to bring courage to yourself and confidence. Is “to make young people become better citizens”."
    • "In my opinion, The JROTC program is one of the best programs in high school. I am a senior at Humble High school and I have been in JROTC since my freshmen year. I started at the bottom as a private and worked my way up through the years and become Alpha Company’s first sergeant. It was a struggle to get to where I am because I slacked off at times in my freshmen and sophomore years but I got back on track and showed great leadership and ended up where I am today. JROTC has been a great and fun experience. JROTC taught me self discipline, teamwork, leadership and positive attitude. I learned to be a good Cadet in JROTC and a good citizen outside the program JROTC is not about going to army, but about meeting new cadets, working as a team, motivating one another, being a great leader, having a high self-esteem and more. My Favorite thing about JROTC was Military ball. Everybody’s favorite event of the year. Cadets get nominated for military court; we all get to dress formal, eat, dance, and win awards. We had our 2012 Military Ball on April 14, and it was a wonderful and fun night for everyone. I took home two award one for “senior class of 2012” and the other one called “Daughters of the American revolution” for my academic excellence, dependability, leadership, etc. My senior instructor, the JROTC program and I were very proud of me. I will dearly miss the JROTC program after graduation. I will be joining the U.S Army and for my JROTC years that completed, I will enter the Army as an E-3, unlike everyone else who will enter as an E-1. JROTC strengthened me physically and emotionally and I will always carry that through out life."

    • "We think you all need to be applauded for a great and most importantly safe ride. Your volunteering yesterday gave our community the opportunity to ride with healing heros and enlisted military on a non-competive, fun ride. Without you giving up your time, like we have said many times before, it would not have happened. " - Ride To Recovery Committee