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    Week of 5/22
    This week, we will be playing some fun math games and possibly doing a bit of math art on Monday/Tuesday. Wednesday & Thursday we will move into Camp Skeeter mode!  :) 

    Reminders for this week: 

    1. We had the last automaticity quiz for the year - Week of 5/8.  Please continue to work with your child at home.  As a former 4th grade teacher for many years, I can tell you that it makes a tremendous difference to students coming into 4th grade.  

    2. Problem Solving HW  .No Homework this week! :)

    3.  Review Material now in Google Classroom - Some parents have requested additional material for students to review prior to the end of the year assessment and extra practice on the skills we have worked on this year.  While it is optional, students who complete the work and turn in "scratch work pages" will receive Cardinal tickets they can use in the Class Cardinal Store. There is not a deadline on this material. This will be available starting Monday, 3/27.  


    Additional Helper Charts/Vocabulary/and Terms we have covered this year that may be helpful: 

    Geometry Terms



    My 3-d shape parts anchor chart        


    This contains an image of:      


      Additional Anchor Charts/Helper pages: 


       Estimation by Rounding with a          Rounding  using Place Value
    number line. 

           This contains an image of: 3rd Grade Math 


            Addition Properties

       This is an anchor chart that can be used to visually show the break apart strategy for addition!  

      While we typically do not do the "add a friendly number and compensate" on the number line in 3rd, we do talk about this as a way to add mentally. 

    Here are examples of different ways to teach students how to solve two-digit and three-digit addition problems. These are great strategies for multi-digit addition. What a great anchor chart!       This contains an image of:

                                                                              Subtraction Strategies to build understanding! 


    This contains an image of: Which Operation Should I Use to Solve a Word Problem? -- Interactive Anchor Chart  Strip Diagrams Elapsed Time Anchor Chart  Elapsed Time


    This contains an image of:       I made this! Multiplication Properties poster for fifth grade math. Commutative, Associative (my favorite), Distributive, Identity, and Zero Properties.  


     HOMEWORK NOTE! The math homework will no longer be sent as paper copies as of the week of 1/6.   The children have their assignment in their math teacher's Google Classroom.  It will be scheduled for Wednesday at 3:30 and due by the time they come to school the following Tuesday. The days have not changed.  Our instructional coach, Mrs. Weller, and I have worked with the students, making sure they are able to log in and access the material.  The students have a BRIGHT ORANGE sheet in their homework folder reminding them how to access Google Classroom from home, and I will sent an email with a link to a video that both you and your child can watch that explains in detail how to complete, submit, and mark an assignment as done.  The children will view the assignment on the computer and submit their answers digitally.  However, they will still be bringing their "scratch paper" with them on the due date.  They have done this type of thing when doing other assignments at school.  It can be done on notebook paper, printer paper,  or graph paper.  We ask that it be numbered and organized.   
    Note:  If your child completes the homework prior to the due date, they will need to keep it. We go over the problems with them in class on the day it is due, and they turn it in afterwards. 

    Grading:  The homework will be a participation grade, as follows:

    100 - Turned in on time/Following all directions/Parent Signature 

    90- Turned in 1 day late/Following all directions/Parent Signature

    80 - Turned in 2 days late/Following all directions/Parent Signature

    Students who have not turned in their homework by the 3rd day will be required to complete it at recess for a 70. 

    The weekly grades will be averaged for one 9-weeks participation grade. 


    Problem Solving - Questions to think about/Strategies

    Crucial Questions are those questions that we discuss in class when looking at solving word problems.  

    1.  Am I given a total?
    2.  Am I combining or separating? 
    3.  Am I combining or separating equal groups?
    4.  Are there pieces of the information I need to include? 

    Helper sheet located in Homework Folder: 

    CUBES Math Word Problem Strategy poster | Math word problem strategy, Math  word problems, Math words

    Multiplication Automaticity: 

     This year, we will be working towards automaticity of facts for tables 1-10.  We also take a look at the 11's and 12's.  Please have them practice these facts at home.  They can do flash cards, or there are many on-line sites to practice facts - google, "free on-line multiplication practice".    Below is an interesting article regarding math fact fluency/automaticity.  I do believe it is crucial for students to have automaticity of facts.  It will help them with our study of multiplication, division, and fractions as we continue through the year. As a 4th grade teacher for many years, I know it will also benefit them greatly as they begin working with different multiplication and division algorithms next year when they are in 4th grade next year.  There are many ways to study facts.  Just a few are listed below the article link. 


      Below are some helpful sites for math fact fluency, along with other math concepts:

    Math On-line Resources    


    www.gregtangmath.com  - Students love the games, and everyone can find a level that fits their needs. 
    multiplication.com - Go to games.  

      https://www.humbleisd.net/page/26813 - This will take you to the instructional 
    technology site for Humble ISD.  Click the tab "Classroom Resources" - Click
    "Math" - Go to Elementary websites.  You will be able to use the drop down
    menu for many different categories including: operations, number sense, geometry, measurement, and several more.  When you submit, you will be shown a plethora of sites.  It is a great resource!



    How Parents Can Help - Please review your child's homework with him/her.  They will not have homework every night.  Check the homework planner sheets in their homework folder.   If students do not have homework, they are instructed to write "no homework" or place an "X".  





     Science image l

    Week of 5/22 - We will be taking a look at planets & the earth's orbit around the sun Monday and Tuesday and then move into Camp Skeeter mode Wednesday & Thursday. . 









    Apps and Technology 

    During the year we will use technology and various apps in the classroom.  To start, at home you may have your child use http://www.quizlet.com .  Quizlet is also available as a free download in the App Store for your i-devices and in Google Play for Android devices.  You may also use it on any computer. Students should search "WCESCIENCE" (all caps and no spaces) Then look for our current unit of study. NOTE: WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT UTILIZING THE FREE VERSION OF QUIZLET IN THE CLASSROOM, AS IT HAS SOME ADS RUNNING THAT WE DON'T FEEL ARE GOOD FOR OUR STUDENTS. 
    Other log-in information:

    In the near future, students will have a detailed sheet in their H.W. folder brads giving their user names and passwords.  Please make sure all information in the brads is transferred if your child gets a new folder during the year.  I will let you know when these have been added.