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    Week of 11/30 

    This week, we will be looking at time/elapsed time.  We will work on this Tuesday - Thursday and have a quiz on Friday.  Students will solve problems involving addition and subtraction of time intervals in minutes. They then must be able to know when to add and subtract minutes to determine when to work backward or forward. They will also determine solutions when adding or subtracting intervals of time on a number line & represent solutions of added or subtracted time on a digital and analog clock.


    IMPORTANT: There will be no weekly problem solving assigned this week on 11/17, as we want students to have time with family the week of Thanksgiving.  However, please have your children study their multiplication facts.  We will begin taking weekly quizzes the week we get back.  We will start off slowly, with the 0's, 1's, and 2's.  They should already know these. 

     Normal Week H.W. : Weekly problem solving homework packets are sent home with students each Wednesday and due on the following Tuesday.   Students have a "CUBES" problem solving helper sheet in their homework folder to remind them of the steps they need to use for problem solving. (See the Problem Solving section farther down in this section. 



    Previous Week: 11/15

     We are looking at another busy week as we wrap up our data analysis unit.  We will continue working on some fun mini-projects pictographs, bar graphs, and dot plots. The assessment is planned for Thursday, but could be Friday depending on when we finish the activities. 





     Helpers Charts/Videos/Resources




    Need alternative strategies for teaching multi-digit subtraction? Learn how to count up using a number line to solve subtraction problems. 


    Math On-line Resources


     Adding/Subtracting on a Number Line


    Addition Using Place Value




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    Problem Solving

      Humble ISD will have students use 4 D's of Problem Solving.  Please take a look at this so
    that you can encourage your child to use it at home.  A brief overview is shown below:

    1. Define the given information.  (What is the question asking/what do I already know)
    2. Develop a plan.
    3. Do the problem (determine the solution).
    4. Defend your answer (justify the solution - Is the answer reasonable?
    5. Don't forget your check. 

    Crucial Questions are those questions that we discuss in class when looking at solving word problems.  

    1.  Am I given a total?
    2.  Am I combining or separating? 
    3.  Am I combining or separating equal groups?
    4.  Are there pieces of the information I need to include? 

    Helper sheet located in Homework Folder: 

    CUBES Math Word Problem Strategy poster | Math word problem strategy, Math  word problems, Math words



    Multiplication Automaticity: 

     This year, we will be working towards automaticity of facts for tables 1-10.  We also take a look at the 11's and 12's.  Please have them practice these facts at home.  They can do flash cards, or there are many on-line sites to practice facts - google, "free on-line multiplication practice".    Below is an interestng article regarding math fact fluency/automaticity.  I do believe it is crucial for students to have automaticity of facts.  As a 4th grade teacher for many years, I know it will benefit them greatly as they begin working with different multilication and division algorithms next year when they are in 4th grade next year.  There are many ways to study facts.  Just a few are listed below the article link. 




    Properties of Multiplication

    3 x 4 = 4 x 3    Commutative Property

    3 x 4 = (3 x 2) + (3 x 2)  Distributive Property - While all properties are important to know and understand, the distributive property is 
                                          VERY IMPORTANT.  If a student is able to break one equation down into two smaller equations that they 
                                          know well, it gives them an efficient strategy to solve a problem that they are not sure of, and a good way to 
                                          check their work. 

    (3 x 4) x 2 = 3 x (4 x 2)  Associative Property

    3 x 0 = 0   Zero Property

    4 x 1 = 4   Identity Property



    Below are some helpful sites for math fact fluency, along with other math concepts:

    www.gregtangmath.com  - Students love the games, and everyone can find a level that fits their needs. 
    multiplication.com - Go to games.  

      https://www.humbleisd.net/page/26813 - This will take you to the instructional 
    technology site for Humble ISD.  Click the tab "Classroom Resources" - Click
    "Math" - Go to Elementary websites.  You will be able to use the drop down
    menu for many different categories including: operations, number sense, geometry, measurement, and several more.  When you submit, you will be shown a plethora of sites.  It is a great resource!



    How Parents Can Help - Please review your child's homework with him/her.  They will not have homework every night.  Check the homework planner sheets in their homework folder.   If students do not have homework, they are instructed to write "no homework".  





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    Week of 11/30

     We will begin a new unit on Force and Motion. Students will have new vocabulary in their homework folder brads. 


    Unit Overview: The student is expected to demonstrate and observe how position and motion can be changed by pushing and pulling objects to show work being done, such as swings, balls, pulleys, and wagons.




    Apps and Technology 

    During the year we will use technology and various apps in the classroom.  To start, at home you may have your child use http://www.quizlet.com .  Quizlet is also available as a free download in the App Store for your i-devices and in Google Play for Android devices.  You may also use it on any computer. Students should search "WCESCIENCE" (all caps and no spaces) Then look for our currect unit of study. NOTE: WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT UTILIZING THE FREE VERSION OF QUIZLET IN THE CLASSROOM, AS IT HAS SOME ADS RUNNING THAT WE DON'T FEEL ARE GOOD FOR OUR STUDENTS. 
    Other log-in information:

    In the near future, students will have a detailed sheet in their H.W. folder brads giving their user names and passwords.  Please make sure all information in the brads is transferred if your child gets a new folder during the year.